What’s going on with the U.S.S. Monitor?

I had the opportunity, several years ago while an undergraduate at East Carolina University, to see the first major piece of the Monitor brought to the public, when the anchor was finally unveiled after having been treated. Since then, all sorts of things have developed. For those who haven’t been to the Monitor exhibit, it sounds like quite the experience (I haven’t made it myself yet! – Hey, sounds like a potential tour feature of the department encampment next year. What do you think DC Hanlon?).

Yet, to keep track of what’s going on, I did find an interesting blog that focuses specifically on the ship. As of today, the latest post on “goings-on” was made on April 4 and it focuses on the Dahlgren gun site bar. For those who follow the underwritten naval side of the Civil War, this looks like a good place to follow active preservation work in that area.

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2 Comments on “What’s going on with the U.S.S. Monitor?”

  1. Neil Hanlon Says:

    This exhibit is spectacular in breathe and detail. The museum, itself, without the Monitor is worth the trip. There will not be time, though, to see this exhibit for those taking in the whole MD Department program on May 9th (meeting plus the Battle of Williamsburg)…but I’d be happy to stir up a tour the day before or after our meeting.

  2. Jeremy M Christensen Says:

    I wanted to add to this about the U.S.S Monitor. The Museum of Grave Yard of the Atlantic has a speaker series on Civil War wrecks local to the Outer Banks of NC and other historical wreck and finds. Mr. Jeff Johnson is the speaker about recent research on these Civil War ships and wrecks. He will be speaking on, “Recent Research on the U.S.S Monitor” 17 Jul 2008 1930 hrs
    Here are two sites that are very interesting about the U.S.S Monitor.



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